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Technical specs


turning diameter over bed:
900 mm
turning diameter over slide rest:
650 mm
turning length:
4.000 mm
400 V
Dimensins of the machine approx. (LxWxH):
6.450 x 1.550 x 1.600 mm
Weight of the machine approx.:
6.100 kg

3-axis digital display Fagor
Chip protection
collant device


General overhaul in 2019
According to the offer from 2019, the following overhaul work was performed:

? Disassembly and reassembly of the lathe.
? Cleaning of the components/groups
? Guideway grinding of the machine bed on all sides in geometry.
? Re-milling of all secondary surfaces in extended tolerance to main guideway

Bed support
? Scraping of the bed support on the machine bed.
- Adjustment of the rear handles and wedge bars
? The support is covered with bronze, Wbz8 2-3mm and screwed as a wear layer to the machine bed

Plan support
? Milling and scraping of the plan support guide.
? Scraping of the plan support on the plan support guides
? Renewal of the guide wedge

Feed support
? Milling and scraping of the infeed support guide
? Scraping of the feed support on the feed support guides
? Renewal of the guide wedge

Threaded spindles
? Manufacture of new trapezoidal threaded spindles and nuts as well as their complete bearing for the face support
and infeed support
? Cleaning of the threaded lead screw and lock nut.
? Adjustment of the lock nut

Tooling system
? Delivery and assembly of a Multifix steel holder size C (Switzerland)

Tailstock (geometry+mechanics)
? Scraping of the tailstock on the machine bed in geometry according to manufacturer's specification
? Spindling and honing of the quill bore to oversize
? Spraying and grinding the quill to fit, incl. fitting into the hole
? Matching the center height to the main spindle gearbox
? MK mount is o.k. and will be finished
? Overhaul of the clamping mechanism

Main spindle gear (mechanics)
? Disassembly and reassembly of main spindle gearbox, cleaning and damage assessment
? Renewal of the gear shaft bearings and main spindle bearings
- Regrinding of the main bottom gear wheel
- Installation of a new main floor drive pinion gear
- Installation of a new splined shaft (no longer o.k. due to torsion)
? Renewal of the gear shifting system
? Renewal of the plates of the drive clutches (forward and reverse)
? Installation of a new brake control pneumatic (necessary for the EMERGENCY STOP).
? Overhaul of the main drive motor electrically and mechanically (at a specialized company).
- Renewal of the mechanical coupling (motor and input shaft. Setting of new holes and pins).
? Overhaul of the primary reduction gear, re-bearing, 1:1 and 1:4.
? Replacing or overhauling the V-belts and V-belt pulleys.

Threaded gear transmission (mechanics)
? Disassembly and reassembly, cleaning and inspection of the threaded gear box.
? Partial replacement of the bearings and seals on the spindle side (lead screw and feed screw drive)
? Check of the circulating oil lubrication system
? Checking the shift mechanism (gear change)
? Readjustment by four-pin (center position to lock case gear) Lock case gear (mechanics)
? Part disassembly and reassembly, cleaning and inspection of the lock case gear unit
? Replacement of defective bearings and seals
? Replacement of the main drive pinion shaft
? Repair of the oil lubrication system
? Renewal of key connections for tension and shift spindle
? Repair of the tension spindle sleeve, incl. bearing and seal
? Repair of the shift spindle sleeve
? Inspection of the drop screw mechanism
? Inspection of the shift lever mechanics

? Replacing the wipers completely
? Replacing the oil lubrication nipples completely
? The sheet metal inserts and the KSS narrow height tank incl. KSS pump under and between the machine feet are newly manufactured from VA 2.5mm.

Electrical system
? Supply and manufacture of a new electrical control cabinet including the electrical components in accordance with the applicable machine directive.
? Replacement of all cables, protective conductors and strain reliefs
? Cables are provided with appropriate protective sheaths
? Installation of a two-channel safety circuit for the emergency stop circuit including an electromechanical switch for the headstock cover.
switch for the headstock cover
? A new industrial lamp 24V color scheme

? Painting of the lathe such as degreasing, pre-treatment (primer).
? Top coat 2-component paint standard RAL 7035 light gray and blue upper assemblies, which are movable Acceptance conditions of geometry and mechanics.
? Commissioning and test run
? Creation of a dimensional protocol according to DIN 8606 Turning range up to diameter 800mm
? Turning test incl. measurement and testing of accuracy on a common workpiece.

Assembly of a 3-axis digital display, Fagor, bed support, plan support and infeed support incl. protective cover, cable chain for cables and KSS feed

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