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turret punch press


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Technical specs


punching pressure:
23 t
Number of tools:
20/ 200 St.
Max. workable sheet size:
2530 x 1270 mm
Min. workable sheet size:
300 x 100 mm
Sheet weight max.:
200 kg
Max. thickness material:
8 mm
X-traverse length:
2854 mm
X-Traverse, axis speed:
90 m/min
Y-traverse, length:
1317 mm
60 m/min
Total travel speed:
108 m/min
Max. Lifting speed nibbling:
700 min-1
Max. Lifting speed 25mm hole spacing:
390 min-1
Punching capacity:
230 kN
Number of tools in turret:
20/ 200 
System of tools:
Thick Turret 
max. stamp diameter:
89 mm
Turret rotation speed:
24 Upm/ Rpm
Number of station for turning tools:
max. stamp diameter:
89 mm
Tool turning speed:
133 Upm/ Rpm
Clamping claws by compressed air:
Connected load:
11 kVA
Electric capacity:
4 kW
Total weight, approx.:
10500 kg


2 pieces MULTI TOOL tools (10 tool places, max. 16mm punch diameter)
Parts conveyor

Programmable claw positioning (PCS) (19M22)
Automatic closing of the claws (when inserting sheet metal) (19M24)
Tool lubrication system (tool holder WLS or Ultra necessary)
Sheet bulge sensors (2 pieces in front of the turret) (2M75)
Easy load option (rollers for easier loading of sheets and two additional stops)
Punching slug conveyor SC1VTM with vacuum extraction and fins
Light barriers on A and B side, each with reset switch (15M1 / 15M3)
rigid O-frame (ensures perfect tool alignment)
servo-electric high-speed punching system with a punching force of 170 kN
Punch stroke servoelectric
Stroke depth adjustable
Stroke length programmable
Stroke speed programmable
NC- program memory
USB- connenction
Ethernet-connection, 100 Mbit/s
Water cooling for the punch servo motor
2 clamps with pneumatic central locking and sheet metal sensors
Measuring scale for manual positioning of the claws
Foot switch for closing the claws
fast turning system for turning tools


The E5x machines are real, highly productive Prima Power machines with all the typical Prima Power features. They offer high performance and reliability at low investment and operating costs. The E5x are equipped with a servo-electric punch drive and offer not only an extremely fast nibbling speed, but also the possibility to work with slow lifting speeds in order to reduce the noise level when using tools with large diameters and precise stroke control when using special tools enable. Compact design, simple set-up, brush tables and fast drives make these stand-alone basic models attractive turret punches for new Prima Power customers.

• 170 kN servo-electric punching force
• Punching sheet metal up to a thickness of 8 mm
• High speed punching with max. 1,800 strokes per minute (marking mode)
• servo-controlled punch stroke • punch motor cooling with closed water circuit
• high-quality traversing control from TwinCAT and IndraDrive
• digitally controlled servo axis with quick response and precise positioning (108 m / min)
• Axle with servo-driven ball screw ensures quick and reliable positioning of the sheets.
• Servo-driven tool turret enables quick tool changes.
• Servo-driven tool turning mechanism ensures safe and precise tool turning.
• Fast index gearboxes with 133 rpm ensure maximum performance.
• Vertical locking ensures a stable and accurate fit and extends the tool life
• Revolver with 20 stations and customer-specific design (including two turning stations)
• Multiple large turning stations can be added
• Several different Multi-Tool® types can be used
• Use of roll forming and diamond engraving tools possible
• Use of standard embossing tools possible
• Central locking of the clamps simplifies the manual positioning of the clamps
• Foot switch for easy closing and opening of the claws
• Easy loading with 2 stops
• Easy semi-automatic unloading of processed sheets
• Standard brush tables for optimal support of the sheets, on request with sheet support rollers for easier loading of sheets
• Automatic parts unloading on the punching head up to 500 × 500 mm with parts flap (available on request)
• Transfer system for transporting unloaded parts to the pallet possible (special accessories)
• Fast program transmission via Ethernet or USB connection
• NC Express Lite programming software available

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